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Three May YA Books to be Excited About Right Now

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There’s nothing that excites me more than a book delivery on a random Tuesday. There’s also something about new releases that makes us “oh so excited” and keeps us looking forward to reading a little more than usual. For me, May means that three books I have been really looking forward to are being released. […]


Four Romantic YA Reads Coming in May

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Summer is coming up and with May come some very romantic, heart-tugging, exciting, romances. Here’s a look at four of our favorite upcoming YA books that you can enjoy and indulge on when you feel like reading something extra mushy that might pull at the heart strings.  1. “The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak” […]


Three Thrilling YA Reads Coming Out in May

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We can feel summer creeping upon us and for some of us this means more time to read! The days get longer and the nights hotter, so what better way to spend a good summer evening than with a good book? Here are three thrilling reads to look forward to this May, so make room […]


Two Realistically-Fun Warm Weather Reads

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With April and May come unique stories of real-life situations that any YA reader can relate to. With that said, it’s time to make space in your bookshelf for these two top YA realistic warm weather reads that will delight your spring and start off your summer thanks to Harper Collins publishers and Epic Reads. […]


Two Upcoming Romantic Reads to Check Out!

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While the chilly weather might be hitting you close right now, there’s no denying that spring and summer is around the corner and with it come an array of exciting new releases to add to your bookshelf. Here’s a look at two reads that will capture your heart and your attention this April and June. […]


YAH Exclusive: Romina Russell talks about ZODIAC

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In Romina Russell’s “Zodiac,” Rhoma Grace is a 16-year-old student from House Cancer with an unusual way of reading the stars. While her classmates use measurements to make accurate astrological predictions, Rho can’t solve for ‘x’ to save her life—so instead, she looks up at the night sky and makes up stories. When a violent blast strikes […]


YAH Exclusive: How to Spend Valentine’s Day According to Kieran Scott

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This Saturday is Valentine’s Day and if you’re looking for an amazing series to binge-read, try the YA novels by author Kieran Scott. Her “True Love” trilogy follows the story of the Goddess of Love trapped in a human’s body and the books are truly romantic reads to follow, perfect to enjoy with some candy […]


Three Realistically Thrilling YA Novels Hitting Shelves in March

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Realistic fiction hits us where it needs to…with stories filled with true-to-life characters and honest subjects sure to keep you turning page after page and making you relate or at least feel for all the characters involved. I recently obtained three upcoming releases from Harper Collins sure to fit this mold. Below are my recommendations […]